Electric Vehicle Containment Unit – EVCU

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There is no doubt that the advances in vehicle technology have led to a meteoric rise in the production of Electric Vehicles (EV) globally. This advancement is driven by the global requirement to reduce emissions into the atmosphere leading to an increase in global warming and to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels.

Whilst these developments are certainly contributing to these global requirements the rate in which they have been introduced has left some sectors trying to catch up with how to deal with issues regarding use and storage of lithium-Ion batteries (LIB).

Two such sectors feeling the effect of the use of EV’s are the emergency services and the vehicle recovery industries. As more and more EV vehicles are becoming commonplace on the roads the unfortunate subsequence of this is that more EV vehicles will be involved in accidents and fires.

This is already leading to Rescue and recovery crews being faced with the new problem of dealing with vehicles involved in thermal runaway or potential thermal runaway whilst in transit following a road collision or defective battery systems.

In order to assist these sectors, we at Fire Containers Limited have utilised experts from the Fire sector, Design engineers and recovery industry experts to develop the Electric Vehicle Containment Unit (EVCU) to provide a solution to the problem of dealing with and recovering EV’s from incident scenes or store EV’s safely.

Fire Containers Limited - EVCU container

The EVCU container has been specifically designed and developed and constructed in such a way that it can quickly once on scene be deployed to recover EV’s from the roadway safely and effectively.

Once the EV is in the unit the onboard cooling systems can be activated either manually or automatically to cool the vehicle to help prevent a vehicle going into thermal runaway or to suppress any fire development of the vehicle. The unit can provide continual cooling or fire suppression even whilst in transit.

All water used during cooling or fire suppression is filtered and recirculated back into the onboard water tanks to reuse and provide a continual cooling and fire suppression system. All water is contained within the unit to prevent any contaminated water entering into watercourses and negatively affecting the environment.

The EVCU has built in fire detection systems which will automatically activate the onboard recirculating water sprinkler systems upon detection of heat or smoke to supress external fire development outside the LIB battery pack. This can also be linked to telemetry systems if required.

Electric Vehicle Containment unit loaded onto Jon Beech recovery truck
Inside the electric vehicle containment unit showing the 12000lb winching system
Electric Vehicle Containment unit loaded onto Jon Beech recovery truck

The benefits of the EVCU are as follows:

Quickly removing vehicles from scene preventing long attendance times of fire service and other agencies personnel.
Reopens roadways quickly assisting the Police and Highways departments.
Fully contains contaminated water to limit environmental impact. Easily emptied into containers for disposal.
Allowing continual cooling off Lithium battery packs whilst in transit ‘without’ submersion of the vehicle.
Provides effective fire suppression in the event of a fully developed vehicle fire.
Smoke and heat detection systems to automatically activate onboard sprinkler systems with audible alarm.
1800 litres of onboard water with recirculating system for continued fire suppression and cooling.
Header tank to add additional water safely if required.
Powerful 12000lb winching system to move vehicles into the container.
The EVCU will accommodate cars and up to large vans.
6 Marine grade pumps to supply sprinkler bars and recirculation systems.
Open topped to prevent the build-up of flammable gases which could lead to catastrophic explosion.
Fully automatic and manual controls of all onboard systems.
Can be used as a mobile recovery solution or static storage system.
EVCU design can be produced to be carried on a variety of vehicles.
Available with Telemetry systems to notify of activations whilst in storage.

At Fire-containers our customers needs are important to us so we have now developed the ‘EVCU Enclosed’ at the request of our clients.

Has all the features of the original EVCU.

Vehicles can be stored and isolated whist being protected from the weather elements.

The unit has safety vents and blow open panels in the event of a vapour cloud explosion.

If required, firefighting can be directed through the opening above the ramped entry area.

The unit can be used to store, isolate or transport electric vehicles safely whilst having full detection and suppression capability.

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